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Light and Airy wedding Scottish Rite Cathedral Indianapolis Indiana

I will preface this by saying, I am not a light and airy photographer. When I think of light and airy, I think of Julie Paisley. For me, I consider myself more, true to color, contrast, and warm photographer. I fall in the middle of light + airy and moody. However, that being said, what will most likely reflect your photos has a lot to do with what details you choose, the color of the bridesmaid dresses, the colors chosen for the florals, and the background of the majority of your photos, not to mention, the season that you pick your wedding in.

On a rare occasion though, I will have a bride ask me directly if I would edit light and airy for them, and for certain people, I am certainly able to do that. For Megan + Troy's wedding I knew going in that she loved this type of look, and to be honest, it was so fun editing her wedding in a different way than my typical. Her wedding truly was classy and elegant, which really goes well with the light and airy look. Take a look:

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