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How to build a successful business

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

I decided {very last minute} that I am going to do a series the month of April consisting of questions that people often ask me. Questions from clients, questions from family and friends, and questions from other photographers. My goal is to put these on my blog on the website as well one day... but you know.. those are just little dreams until they are actually put into reality.

And yes, I get that it's not quite April just yet.

So I'll start off today with a simple, yet very popular, question:

"How did you build a successful business?"

I was thinking of this question when I realized the other day that the majority of the photographers that I started following when I began, are now retired out of the field, and on to new adventures. Some of them hit a big success point in their career, and some of them just never got there and went on to do other things. And it really made me think how thankful I am to have grown this company into what it is today. But what's important to note is that it didn't happen in one day.

Building something up usually {not always} takes time. This time is essential in learning and growing and being able to always deliver the best version of your work to your clients in that moment of time. In any business adventure or career. And really, there shouldn't be a point where you aren't doing those things, no matter how successful you truly are.

I started my career as an ICU nurse working full-time and claiming photography as my beloved hobby. As my hobby grew, I turned it into a business. As my business grew, I scaled back in the ICU. And then the turning point for me was the day that I realized my business became my career, and my nursing became my hobby {insert lots of laughing emoji's here}. And it's true.

But how did I get there?

Lots and lots and lots of hard work. Lots of patience. Lots of client building relationships and trust. Lots of late nights. Lots of family time lost. Some mistakes thrown in there. And a whole lotta time.

Perfecting my work has been so important to me. It's why I never did it for the money. It's why it took time. It's why I believe I am where I am. I never set out to start this adventure to fail, and I believe whole heartedly that when your customer service is the foundation of your business, that you are setting yourself up for success. Does this mean I am perfect? Ha. Absolutely not. Does this mean I don't have grumpy days? Absolutely not. Does that mean I have never made a mistake? Absolutely not.

Deliver a beautiful product. Stand by your beautiful product. But most importantly, treat your customers the way that you would want to be treated.

Those are my talking points to success. Don't do what everyone else is doing. Don't try to rush the process or beat yourself up when it doesn't happen right away. Know when you have made a mistake... and most importantly... make it right!

Building a successful business takes TIME, but it is 100% worth it.

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