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Family photographer in Indianapolis Indiana

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Molly + Layton were one of my original wedding couples of Stoneking Photography. I can guarantee that I will never forget their day. I can almost recall it detail by detail, from the color of the dresses, to Molly's hairstyle, the belt that went around her dress, and her mom helping her get ready. They got married on a warm summer day, had a vintage car for photos, and Molly's sister did the most epic speech that included a "mic drop…" literally. And it was caught on photo.

As time went by, I have had the honor of photographing this family and their many milestones… from the birth of their first baby boy, who is named Graham {extra special to me}, to their maternity session with their second baby boy in Molly's belly, and now this special milestone of documenting them as a family of four on a cold {very cold} winter day in their cozy home.

They giggled. They laughed. They kissed their boys and held them close. They literally just did what they normally do… except I was there with a camera documenting these moments so they can freeze in time for them to cherish. It really doesn't get much better than that.

Can you feel the emotion?

The joy. The laughter. The little moments of a morning routine with a family.

We ended our time together with the Graham helping his mama make cookies, and that little flour on his nose, and the way Molly is holding him, was exactly the way that I envisioned wrapping up the session. So pure, so real.

These are just a handful of the ones I glimpsed through while looking at their gallery. There will be hundreds more special moments for this family to enjoy, and I hope they make a book of all of them.

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